Active Listening

Today’s prompt was called “Active Listening”. It started with a quote from poet Anne Sexton about listening to your soul. While I like poetry, it’s an uncomfortable space for me and I often have a hard time finding the same meaning as everyone else. Still, after reading about Sexton and writing my assigned paragraph, it seemed a poem might be more appropriate. It’s probably not the right way to do it, but I ripped my prose at the seams, stacked in back together, and ran it through with a single stitch.

Some nights,

when it’s late and there’s nothing

out the window but street lights

and wind pushing through the trees,

I find myself conversing with the dark.


I know I should be sleeping,

but this time is like water in the desert,

quenching my un-ending thirst

for a different life.


I can be honest in the dark.

There is no one else at this oasis.

There is no one to see me doubled over

on my knees or hear me crying because

I no longer want this life.


There is only me,

hoping when I release my truths

their weight will drift away

with the swirling sand.